Website offers advice to wheelchair travelers


Having a disability that requires you to use a portable electric wheelchair does not mean that you need to stop traveling. As a matter of fact, is a website and blog dedicated to showing people with disabilities how they can travel the world.

Twenty-eight-year-old John Morris is the founder of the website. Morris suffered injuries in a car accident and fire that left him a triple amputee. He decided to blog about his travels to help other people with disabilities navigate the ins and outs of travel and accessibility in airports, hotels, and trains in the United States and abroad.

The website reviews hotels, rating the facilities for amenities like roll-in showers and stay-open doors, and, for accommodations in the United States, how closely they comply with regulations set forth by the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA).

Morris says that his goal is to work with airlines, hotels and travel providers to improve accessibility to travelers who use wheelchairs. Since his accident, he has visited 27 countries and territories, flying more than 500,000 miles, with “one hand, a passport, and my power wheelchair!” he says.

In the three years since his first flight with a wheelchair, he has taken hundreds of flights and spent more than 365 days in hotels.

Using a motorized wheelchair makes travel a possibility for many people with disabilities. The best-motorized Electric Wheelchair for many travel situations is one that can collapse for storage in a car trunk, back seat or airplane storage closet, such as the IntelliChair, a foldable wheelchair with a powerful electric motor.  It is lightweight, portable and easy to carry, and available in both a base model and a larger version.

The wheelchair is equipped with top-quality rubber wheels that can’t go flat. Its nimble steering mechanism makes it easy to control, and its sturdy, stainless steel frame can stand up to the rigors of daily use. The overnight charging means the wheelchair is ready to go for the entire day.

The IntelliChair is available in several colors, and available Accessories include a travel bag and attachable cup holder.