The best motorized wheelchair can help people with disabilities do things they  wouldn’t otherwise be able to do. Doing something he hasn’t done before is not an issue for a four-year-old Minnesota boy named Wyatt Burggraff, as a video that went viral shows.

The Facebook video, which was posted by TNT Kid’s Fitness and Gymnastics last week, has more than 11 million views and has been featured on ABC News, NBC News, The Ellen Degeneres Show and The Today Show.

What’s so special about the 33-second video of the pre-kindergartener? He is bouncing on a trampoline – while in his wheelchair.

And while he’s bouncing, he’s encouraging the staff member who is helping him bounce to go higher and faster.

It wasn’t always that way, said the staff at TNT, who said at first Wyatt was unsure about the trampoline and needed time to develop trust in the staff members and overcome his anxiety.

But the staff at TNT is trained to work with people who have physical impairments and other special needs.

“We want to support the movement skills and concepts and have an impact on their general health,” Nate Hendrickson, 39, the director of special needs at TNT, told TODAY. “We are really trying to help them be as independent as possible.”

Wyatt’s mother, 35-yer-old Allison Burggraff of Moorhead, Minnesota, told TODAY  that Wyatt has “radiated joy” from a very young age.

“He has this really special ability to draw people in and make them happy,” she said. “He embraces life to the fullest.”

Because Wyatt has spina bifida, he uses a walker and sometimes a wheelchair because he gets tired easily. He has been attending programs at TNT Kid’s Fitness and Gymnastics in Fargo, Minnesota since he was two years old.

Being part of the classes has helped Wyatt develop his muscles so he can enjoy other sports such as adaptive skiing and as well.