Use These Apps For Smoother Travel In Your Electric Wheelchair

Summertime is travel time for a lot of people, and people living with mobility challenges are not different. Easier travel starts with having the best electric wheelchair, but there are also many apps that can make travel go more smoothly for people with disabilities.

Finding accessible parking, transportation and restrooms and other travel-related activities can be more difficult, but if you have an iPhone or iPad, recommends the following travel apps for iOS users:


Wheelmap is an open platform ( where users mark whether public places are accessible or not. People also can upload photos and make comments about the locations.


AXS Map does the same thing as Wheelmap, only for businesses instead of public places. Useres can can search places by name or look for businesses nearbay. The site also includes reviews an ratings from other wheelchair users.

The app lists how easily accessible the entrance to the building is, how many steps it takes to get into the building, how easy it is to access bathrooms,  the number of steps it takes to get into the building, ease of parking, and whether the business is guide dog friendly.


WheelMate helps you find accessible washrooms. The app gives an overview of the area with a map of all of the nearest wheelchair-accessible bathrooms and parking spaces. These locations are also verified and can be rated by wheelchair users. WheelMate lists more than 35,000 locations in multiple countries, so a good app to have if you plan international travel.


Uber has an “Equal Access for All” policy that means anyone can get a ride. The UberWAV pilot program, which is presently available in Toronto, Austin, Chicago, and London, provided vehicles with the space necessary for electric wheelchairs, as well as lifts and harnesses.


MobilityWorks provides adaptive vehicle solutions, and the app’s features include accessible vehicle rental information, including photos, current rental inventory, and other resources.