A motorized wheelchair belonging to British physicist Stephen Hawking is among the items that are being auctioned off this week to benefit charity, The Guardian reported.

The wheelchair is expected to sell for more than $215,000, experts at auction house Christie’s predicted.

Hawking, who is best known for his research on black holes, died in March at age 76.

The auction features 22 items that belonged to Hawking as well as items from other scientists including Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin and Albert Einstein. The auction began Oct. 31 and will last nine days.

Other Hawking possessions that will be included in the sale are personal copies of Hawking’s most important papers, such as his 1974paper Black Hole Explosions?; a copy of his bestselling book A Brief History of Time, signed with his thumbprint; and copies of his 1963 PhD thesis.

Also included are a bomber jacket; and the script for one of his appearances on the animated television show The Simpsons, which has already received a $1,800 bid, per The Guardian.

Also included is an invitation to a 2013 “Time Traveler’s Reception,” one of 100 meant to unite anyone on Earth who returned from a future time.

Hawking’s daughter Lucy Hawking said she hoped to donate the rest of her father’s scientific archive to the United Kingdom.

“We are very pleased to have the assistance of Christie’s to help us with the important matter of managing our beloved father’s archives and his unique and precious collection of personal and professional belongings, chronicling his life and work,” Lucy Hawking said.

Thomas Venning, the head of the books and manuscripts department at Christie’s in London, said: “It has been a huge privilege for Christie’s to work on this selection of objects from the estate of one of the most brilliant minds of the last half-century. The lots selected for sale highlight Professor Hawking’s remarkable achievements in science alongside his unique personality and inspirational life story.”