• IntelliBag

    [sz-gtranslate] Simple and sturdy. This travel bag fits in most trunks, back seats, and in the airplane carry on. It features a sturdy zipper and four wheels for easy transport. The travel bag is a must have addition for any new IntelliChair!
  • [sz-gtranslate] Simple and sturdy. The Modo Chair cup holder is an ideal accessory for the Modo Chair rider. Since the Modo Chair has a 12 hour battery charge, there is no telling how long you may be gone. So on your journey, a cup holder may certainly come in handy. The Modo Chair cup holder attaches to both the Modo Chair and the Modo Chair XL with ease. Its lightweight has an eye-catching ergonomic design and is completely dishwasher safe. When you're on the go, Modo Chair style, it's nice to have an ice cold drink along for the ride! Add the Modo Chair cup holder to any Modo Chair purchase and as always get free delivery anywhere in the world.

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