Ease of transportation is an important part of inclusion, enabling a person who must uses a wheelchair the ability to go about his or her daily life independently. The use of the best motorized wheelchair can help make everyday living easier for a person with limited mobility caused by disease or disability.

But there are other considerations involved with using a wheelchair that able-bodied people might not immediately think about. One is that it can sometimes be difficult to find clothing that is easy for the disabled person to put on and that is compatible with using a wheelchair.

For example, the parents of a nine-year-old Michigan girl needed to come up with a way to keep her warm and dry while she was outside using her wheelchair have come up with a solution to keep their daughter warm and dry when she was outside on the playground at school.

A regular coat did not cover her very well when she was seated in the wheelchair. She needed something that was bigger and could be spread out to cover her lap and legs in the wintry weather of the northern state.

She wanted to join the other kids at recess, so her parents came up with a design for a new kind of coat, WDSU-TV reported.

After several attempts, her created a bodycoat to protect her from the elements better.

“If I didn’t have my mom on Earth then I wouldn’t have this bodycoat. I’m very very thankful for my mom and I love her so much,” Zoey Harrison said.

Using a motorized wheelchair makes travel a possibility for many people with disabilities.

The Intellichair wheelchair is equipped with top-quality rubber wheels that can’t go flat. Its nimble steering mechanism makes it easy to control, and its sturdy, stainless steel frame can stand up to the rigors of daily use. Overnight charging means the wheelchair is ready to go for the entire day.

The IntelliChair is available in several colors, and available accessories include a travel bag and attachable cup holder.

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