At IntelliChair Our Process is Simple and it Starts the Minute You

Order Your New Electric Motorized Wheelchair.

First we custom build your new IntelliChair or IntelliChair XL electric wheelchair. Then we carefully package your new IntelliChair electric wheelchair for safe shipping and easy opening after delivery. Finally we Express Ship your brand new IntelliChair electric wheelchair right to the front door of your home or office!

Our goal at IntelliChair is to provide the best quality electric wheelchair, for the best possible price, easily delivered to your home or office. Follow another happy customer’s IntelliChair electric wheelchair through the IntelliChair creation process below. As always if you have any questions at all feel free to contact us.

First We Custom Make Your New Electric WheelchairSecond We Package Your Wheelchair for Safe Shipping.

Third We Ship Your New Wheelchair Right to Your Door!

Smart, powerful, and portable, the IntelliChair is the finest wheelchair on the medical mobility market today. At IntelliChair we take pride in our wheelchairs from start to finish. That is why all of our wheelchairs are equipped with a powerful electric motor, a sturdy stainless steel frame, top quality rubber “no flat” wheels, and a nimble steering mechanism for easy maneuvering.

IntelliChair comes in two sizes the original IntelliChair electric wheelchair and the IntelliChair XL. The original IntelliChair is  our most compact  and efficient model. It is also our original model and our all time best selling wheelchair. However do to multiple customer requests we are happy to introduce IntelliChair XL! A bigger, faster, and even sturdier version of our original classic IntelliChair electric wheelchair. The IntelliChair XL can easily tackle many types of urban and rural terrain that was previously hard to access in a wheelchair. With an IntelliChair XL taking a stroll through a grassy park or tackling those steep wheelchair ramps has never been easier.

Do not be fooled by our many imitators and impersonators we are the original IntelliChair. The most recognized name in the electric wheelchair business. At IntelliChair making smart, powerful, life changing wheelchairs is not just our job. Its our life work and we take it seriously. So if you have any questions about our products at all please feel free to contact us before purchasing. IntelliChair putting the smarts in the medical mobility industry since inception.