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What to Know About Foldable Wheelchairs

Similar to the traditional wheelchairs a foldable wheelchair also known as the electric wheelchair is powered by two standard U-1 batteries. Like the travel power wheelchairs, the foldable wheelchair can be transported easily but when compared to travel power chairs it requires more effort to disassemble. One of the best features of a foldable wheelchair is that it folds just like a manual chair. This makes it perfect for storage and transportability. This type of power wheelchair is easily disconnected to fit into a car or SUV. The heaviest piece on this chair weighs approximately 45lbs. A foldable wheelchair can be easily disassembled in three easy steps:

  • Unplug two battery cables
  • Remove the battery case
  • Fold the X shaped frame of the power wheelchair.

Most foldable wheelchairs are rear wheel drive and have an estimated speed of up 5mph. It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Like the standard and heavy-duty electric wheelchairs, foldable wheelchairs are perfect for rough terrain and takes up less storage space in your home. In addition, they are designed with a sling seating system that accommodates pressure reducing wheelchair cushions from ROHO to Jay. It also offers swing away legrest that makes the transfer in and out of the chair easy. Furthermore, foldable wheelchairs are designed for those who seek the look and feel of a traditional wheelchair but lacks the upper and lower extremity strength required to propel a conventional wheelchair.

Wheelchairs – Some Essential Information:

Wheelchairs are devices used by people who are unable to move or walk. It consists of a chair with wheels on which the user sits. It helps those people who are ill or have some form of disability (physical or psychological) that prevents them from walking or moving around. It provides easy mobility and is simple to use. Wheelchairs help the person using them to move from one place to another without much effort. They are durable and robust. There are various forms of foldable wheelchair ranging from electric to hand driven ones.

A basic hand driven chair requires human power to be moved and consists of two large wheels usually 20 to 26 inches in diameter and two small wheels connected to the seat. They contain a footrest and handles at the back of the seat to push the chair. They also have manual hand brakes. Hand driven chairs are usually made up of light materials such as aircraft aluminum so as to reduce weight and thus make the chair easier to be pushed. The electric or motorized wheelchairs are more convenient to use as fewer efforts are needed to operate them than the hand driven or manual chairs. Also, you do not require anyone to push them. An electric or foldable wheelchair consists of an inbuilt battery which is rechargeable. A small powerful motor is used to run the wheels. Usually, a direct assembly is used to increase compactness by reducing the number of parts between motor and wheels. This also reduces power consumption and delivers more torque to the wheels. Many times solar-powered batteries are used to save power consumption but a backup electric battery is also provided so that the wheelchair can function even during night time. The hand rest is provided with a joystick or remote control panel for maneuvering the chair. IT consists of forwarding reverse and side controls along with brakes. Some modern chairs also contain electronically adjustable seats.

Nowadays wheelchairs come in all shapes and sizes and can be customized according to individual needs. They contain adjustable seats and adjustable back and footrests. The wheels can also be customized as per the terrain on which the user is most likely to use the chair. They also come in easily foldable models that are very convenient for users who often travel by car or any other transport mode. The seating and foot arrangements are also customized as per user size and requirements. Many wheelchairs are fitted with basic requirements like remote control holders, cup holders, and various other custom amenities. They help the user and increase the device’s usability. People don’t let disabilities get in their way and even when in wheelchairs play various sports. Specially crafted wheelchairs for racing, basketball, soccer etc are also available. These chairs contain custom anti-skid and easily maneuverable tires.

There are several reasons why people prefer foldable wheelchairs to standard or travel wheelchairs and they include:


  • Easy to transport
  • Takes up less storage space
  • Longer battery range
  • Increased speed capabilities
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor use
  • Seating system accepts cushions
  • Flip up armrest
  • Swing away or elevating leg rest

Selecting the Most Suitable Wheelchair Type:


The various types of wheelchairs that are available in the market are bound to confuse any wheelchair user. The simple task of deciding the type becomes very difficult when one does not know, what to look for when buying a wheelchair. Though the users have also evolved along with the wheelchairs, and demand more and more comfort and mobility, when it comes to deciding the type required, one might be ignorant of the important features that make it the best buy. The popularity of various Accessories and add-ons that offer more independence lures many a wheelchair user.

The task of selecting the best type will be made much easier if the finance allocation on the wheelchair is decided upon first. If the budget allows, one can go for the electric or the power wheelchairs. The manual wheelchairs are most commonly used type for their low-cost maintenance. The electric one can be chosen for its high-end technology and comforts, but requires regular maintenance. The portability of the wheelchair is also an important issue to be considered. The modern-day users of wheelchairs are traveling more often and hence to suit the travel needs, the wheelchair must be portable. The manual foldable wheelchair is very light in weight and can be transported easily. Some parts can also be dismantled and assembled later on for space saving during traveling.

The user comfort is another factor that must not be compromised with. If the seat cushions are not comfortable for a particular model of the wheelchair, then it is not advisable to invest in that model. The other comfort related aspect is that of correct posture. The armrest, footrest, and backrest are important considerations in a posture. If the decided model does not offer the flexibility to adjust the above-mentioned Accessories, then it is not recommended. The correct posture is very important to good health and hence one must buy only after knowing the correct measurements of the posture-related arrangement. As it varies for each person, these are generally adjustable. The cheap manual wheelchairs do not offer the adjustability feature for the armrest and the backrest. Hence if one cannot afford the adjustable armrest and the backrest models, the models with at least adjustable leg rests can be considered. Depending on the needs and availability of resources, one can choose the correct type of wheelchair.

Finding the Right Foldable Wheelchair for You:

Every wheelchair user is different and therefore selecting a chair that is right for you is not a one-size-fits-all task. You should take time to find the correct wheelchair that will meet your current needs and also have the adaptability to change should you anticipate your requirements changing in the future.

It may also be that you are setting out in finding a foldable wheelchair for a relative or a friend, and you feel the responsibility to make the right purchase for them. If so, you can make the process easier for yourself by keeping their needs in mind at every stage and involving them as much as possible in the decision making. Also bear in mind that you might need to be their foldable wheelchair attendant, and you will, therefore, need to make sure you can push the wheelchair and turn it easily. This way, you will finish your search with a foldable wheelchair that is perfect for their requirements, and also your needs if you will be their wheelchair attendant.

Wheelchairs are divided into two main categories – manual wheelchairs and foldable wheelchair. Manual wheelchairs are the typing chair that is powered by the user, so require you to have upper body strength if you wish to operate the wheelchair yourself. Lightweight options are available to make getting around much easier and you will find that there are several wheelchairs on the market that are specifically aimed at ease of use in this respect. Before you buy a manual wheelchair, make sure to try it out. Make sure you can turn in the chair easily, push it forward and backward and that most of all it feels comfortable. Also practice getting in and out of the chair, especially if this is your first.

Manual wheelchairs are also often used in situations in which an attendant will push the wheelchair, such as for care of the elderly or occasional use. If you will be the wheelchair attendant for your loved one, go along with them to the wheelchair showroom so that you can also try out the wheelchair – and remember to try pushing when your loved one is in the chair to see if it is easy enough to move. Make sure that you will be comfortable with pushing the chair over longer distances and sometimes tricky terrain and if you are concerned about this – ask to take the chair into the car park to practice.

The foldable wheelchair is also known as electronic wheelchairs and give the user the flexibility of getting around with powered controls, rather than using their own strength to push the wheelchair. This means that foldable powered wheelchairs are ideally suited for those with limited mobility, or people who are regaining their upper body strength. Using a foldable powered wheelchair can give people the confidence to be independent because they are able to get around on their own without physical hindrance. When buying a power chair, make sure the controls are simple enough for you/your loved one to use. Ask the shop assistant to talk you through the control panel or joystick and be sure to try the chair in the shop, as you would a manual model.

Once you have decided which category of wheelchair would be right for you or your relative, you need to pinpoint the exact model that will meet their needs in the best possible way. As previously mentioned, a lightweight foldable wheelchair might be just the thing, or perhaps you need an adjustable wheelchair to help you with mobility. Seat size, weight limits, ease of use and added support must also be considered, so it is always worth trying before you buy. If you want to buy online foldable wheelchair at cheap rate please visit our site https://https://thebestwheelchair.com.

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