High school athlete scores touchdown in wheelchair

An Oklahoma high school senior with cerebral palsy scored a touchdown on senior night with his teammates and the crowd cheering him on.

Although he had been a member of his high school football team since he started high school, it was the first time that the player, Jordyn Campbell, had taken the field with his team, KOTV reported.

Campbell took the field with the Comanche, Oklahoma Indians in a Senior Night game against John Marshall High School of Oklahoma City. One of his friends had learned that Campbell’s big wish for his senior year was to get to play in a game.

Not only did he get to suit up and play in the game, with the opponent’s cooperation, his team took it a step further, and gave him the chance to score.

Once Campbell got the ball in his hands, he took full advantage of the opportunity, scoring a 65-yard touchdown. John Marshall went on to win the game by a score of 62 to 13.

Campbell also was named the school’s homecoming king this year. When asked what his favorite movie was as part of a homecoming profile, he said “Forrest Gump,” because he could relate to the challenges the main character faced. “


Campbell’s mother, Jennifer Hinsley, described her son as having “a big heart” and always having a smile on his face, while not letting his disability stop him from doing what he wants to do.

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