Friends Help Disabled Man In Wheelchair Experience The Beach

Having the best motorized wheelchair can give you the mobility to go places you never thought you’d be able to go. An Alabama man who had rarely been out of the county where he was born had the travel opportunity of a lifetime thanks to his caring friends.

David Thomas, a man from Alabama who was born with cerebral palsy, had always dreamed of going to the beach and seeing the ocean. That dream came true recently when he was able to travel to Panama City Beach, Florida, to see the sand and surf in person for the first time in his life.

It was a dream come true for the 36 year old, he told CNN.

“I’ve never really seen anything like that before, because I never really go anywhere,” Thomas, said. “So, to just sit there and look at it with my own two eyes was something amazing.”

Thomas lives more than 250 miles away from the nearest beach and said he has wanted to go to the beach for so many years he has “lost count.”

The trip was made possible by Thomas’ childhood friend Izas Fuller, who knew his friend wanted to go to the ocean and promised to take him some day.

Some friends helped cover the cost of  rentinga motorized beach wheelchair, and the rental company even gave them two extra days of rental for free.

Thomas enjoyed looking at the water and hanging out with his friends at the beach, and his friends even poured sand on his feet so he could feel it between his toes.

Thomas said in a Facebook video that is was the best summer vacation ever in his life.

He and his friends also planned to go deep-sea fishing on the trip.

Having the best motorized wheelchair can take you places you never thought you could go and give you the freedom to do things you never thought you could do!