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Wheelchairs Summary:

If you or somebody you know or care for has or needs a wheelchair, you may eventually confront this decision crossroad: Do we go with purchasing a manual or electric wheelchair? And how much more expensive is an electric wheelchair going to be over a manual one? We hope that this can help one decide in favor of electric wheelchairs as a much better value, as well as a more efficient for the user.

Electric wheelchairs were designed to assist those who are not accustomed to using a manual wheelchair. Due to his inexperience, using manual wheelchairs can be much more difficult. Electric wheelchairs are an efficient way to accelerate the healing process. One benefit of using electric wheelchairs is its ease of handling for the user. Unlike operating an old-fashioned manual chair, the electric wheelchair is simple to use. One major complication that manual wheelchairs provide is turning the wheels. By hand, (manually) can be a daunting task, especially for female and elderly users. The strength and dexterity needed are far greater than using an electric wheelchair. Not only does this make manual wheelchairs harder for everyone to use, it becomes almost essential for those who are elderly, physically handicapped or prone to pain and stiffness in the hands, wrists, and arms to actually NEED an electric wheelchair.

So why are electric wheelchairs so great you may ask? And why are they such a great value? Electric wheelchairs were designed for convenience, easy maneuverability and smooth controlling. Electric powered wheelchairs are streamlined and compact as efficiency in movement can reduce the consumption of power on the batteries. What this means is that they are easier to maneuver as well as the ease of their storage when not in use. Another positive attribute when it comes to safety is that there are no redundant parts to get in the way or pose a danger of an accident. Electric wheelchairs are suitable for users of all ages whether you are elderly or young. In the case of elderly users, one wants to make life simpler and safer by offering more comfort as well as safety while they are on their own.  It is the safest way for elderly users to get around whether they are at home or out in public. Even young people will find that a manual wheelchair can be tiring after a few hours. Manual wheelchair users may even sustain wrist injuries from over-exertion. Another positive for electric wheelchairs is a lower risk of falling off as they are more ergonomically designed.

So you have learned why electric wheelchairs are safer and easier on the user, but what about the cost and its overall value? The bulk of the cost for electric wheelchairs lies in its motor.  These electric wheelchairs, which can be used both indoors and outdoors can run in the area of $1,000 – $4,000. Depending on the type of chair and its extent of use, there are several types of electric wheelchairs available. As a potential buyer, there are several points to consider. These factors include the weight of the user and of the chair, whether it is predominantly used inside or more outdoor road use, power ratings and its warranty. You may even want to consider how the electric wheelchair you purchase is powered and how it handles. Front-wheel drive electric wheelchairs can be maneuvered from the front and thus are slower than rear wheel drive chairs. Mid-wheel drive wheelchairs are a benefit in that they can turn the tightest corners. They are best used for sports played by wheelchair users.

Also, keep in mind the customizable parts of the electric wheelchairs. These are the frame, wheels, foot/armrest. They can be detachable, swing or elevated. You can also consider the ability to recline when choosing electric wheelchairs as it gives extra comfort to the user. When it comes to outdoor use, it is best if electric wheelchair comes fitted with lights and curb climbers. This will come in handy during power blackouts and assist the user in evacuating safely should that be needed.

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What are the Different Types of Electric Wheelchairs Out There to Choose From?

Electric Wheelchair Travel

There are certainly many different choices of electric wheelchairs online and in specialty stores to choose from. You have those that are designed for the handicapped and/or disabled and for elderly people who are having difficulty walking long distances. Electric wheelchairs are a kind of wheelchair that is motorized through battery power. This type of wheelchair is bigger, heavier and more durable because it holds the extra mass of the motor and battery. Usually, this degree of complexity reflects the price of an Electric Wheelchair.

Many electric wheelchairs have a special technology that is more sophisticated, allowing the ability to go upstairs and the ability to slide across gravel. They can also lift so the user can access higher shelves.

Electric wheelchairs use different types of drive systems as well. Those designed with rear-wheel drive have good speed but when you change direction, it can be complicated. With middle and rear-wheel drive wheelchairs, turning is easier and is fairly efficient. Every brand or manufacturer of electric wheelchairs has their own set of unique functions and features. Electric wheelchairs are more expensive than manual, but what you pay for your electric wheelchair depends on what model you want to buy and the features you need. When buying this kind of wheelchair one should discuss and plan first before purchasing. First off, you should consult your doctor or physician on what type of electric wheelchair that is best for your health situation.

What are the three types of electric wheelchair models to choose from?

  • Heavy Duty Models: More durable to use. And even heavier built handicapped people can use this kind of wheelchair and it has unique features and designs.
  • Custom Models: Add special features. Many companies can customize and help in the process of customizing your electric wheelchair for your taste and needs.
  • Standard Models: Best for use in indoor and outdoor mobility. These chairs can move anywhere you want to go. Plus they can be lifted and carried.

There are many fashionable choices of electric wheelchairs. Many of these types of electric wheelchairs have lower prices, but that also depends on the brand and function the wheelchair has. They may have a variety of options and have frames that are solidly crafted to bear more weight of the handicapped user. Some electric wheelchairs can facilitate smooth speed and easy movement for their users due to the rear wheel drive, mid-wheel drive, the front wheel drive. There are also wheelchair recliners and electric tilt ability that allows the handicapped people to feel comfortable and stable in the chair they are using. Before purchasing, consult your doctor or professional physician for their opinion before you go out and rush to buy.

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Is Travelling Complicated Using an Electric Wheelchair?

Is Travelling Complicated Using an Electric Wheelchair

This is one of the most important questions. Let’s keep in mind that wheelchair users have the right to travel just like any other individuals. They like any want to see the amazing sights all over the world. Wheelchair travel has come a long way in the past twenty years. With the mass market introduction of electric wheelchairs, wheelchair users and caregivers have now had an easier time moving around and traveling with wheelchairs. The increased public awareness about traveling for the disabled has prompted public establishments such as airports, cruise terminals, shopping malls and office buildings to be wheelchair friendly. Wheelchair users can be apprehensive about traveling to unknown places. They can now feel assured of a quality experience knowing that many places have made sure that they are accommodated.

Electric wheelchair users are advised to visit their physician for consultation on their travel plans. Report any conditions that may warrant attention certified by the physician. Keep a copy of the report and provide one for your travel planner (if necessary). Upon reaching your destination, which should be wheelchair friendly, remember to inquire if in-house doctors available. Electric wheelchair users should also bring along all necessary medications that can last the entire trip.

At the hotel counter, request for city tour guides as they often contain information for disabled travelers. You can also check the city’s tourism website. Try to pack as light as possible heavy luggage can pose a problem and a hazard for wheelchair travelers. If the electric wheelchair users are traveling by plane, it is best to tie a name tag to the wheelchair before storage. The name tag should include your name, contact number and travel destination. It is best to remove loose sections of the Electric Wheelchair such as cushions and bags. Lastly, make sure the brakes are set. The point is to keep the chair as compact as possible. Make sure to check for any damages or scratches. More importantly, check for possible leakages of the batteries and loose wiring as these things do occur in travel and may pose a danger later in the trip.

Scheduling and itinerary are also important for wheelchair travelers to ensure a satisfying travel experience. Understand that it takes extra time when transporting wheelchair users. It is best to give a buffer of 20-30 minutes. If a tourist site has multiple entries, you should find out where the best entry point for wheelchairs is, as they will most likely have a ramp or lift. Places that are wheelchair friendly are typically identified by the internationally known icon on the city map. Electric wheelchair users require a lot more attention when traveling and the least one can do is to be well prepared for any unforeseen circumstances.

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How do I Select the Best Electric Wheelchair Out There?

Electric Wheelchair - Intellichair Motorized Wheelchair

Are you currently looking for an electric wheelchair to help regain mobility? Electric wheelchair manufactures and online retailers are making it easier to research and buy electric wheelchairs every year. There are hundreds of online companies selling electric wheelchairs. Some specialize in this and some just offer these chairs on the side as if it’s not their main income stream or expertise. With all these companies selling electric wheelchairs, it is important that the customer become knowledgeable about what they are purchasing. If not, the user may end up with an electric wheelchair that doesn’t meet their needs. Don’t let this be an expensive mistake. It is important to educate and research on how to select the right electric wheelchair before ordering.

This article will help consumers become more educated and to prepare them to ask the right questions when they are ready to order their electric wheelchair. For the most part, all electric wheelchairs pretty much do the same thing. There are a few things consumers must consider to ensure the proper electric wheelchair is selected. The most important factor in choosing an electric wheelchair is to make sure it fits the owner and meets their weight requirements. People are shaped and weigh differently, so when selecting an electric wheelchair to make sure the seat size is the right measurement for the person that will be operating the chair and that the weight capacity is met. The seats for electric wheelchairs can be upgraded and replaced, but making sure the right one is ordered will keep the operator from being uncomfortable and avoid any unnecessary costs.

Another important question in the purchase process is how will the electric wheelchair be transported in basic day to day activities? Will you be transporting the electric wheelchair inside or outside the vehicle? There are many options depending on the size of the wheelchair and model you select. There are inside vehicle lifts and outside vehicle lifts that can carry power wheelchairs and mobility scooters. Make sure you have a transportation solution in place when purchasing your power wheelchair. This is very important. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you have a power wheelchair that fits your needs but you can’t use it because you can’t transport it where you need it.

Once the right electric wheelchair is selected and a method of transport is decided, choosing the right tires is also important. The operator needs to understand what types of tires are available. There are two types of electric wheelchair tires, solid tires, and pneumatic tires. Solid tires are just as named, rather than filled with air, they are filled with a hard solid insert. Solid inserts do make a bit more of a harsh ride but have the benefit of not getting flat while being used. Pneumatic tires are air filled and normally will have a smoother ride, however, there is a small risk in using these.

It is our hopes that this informative article about electric wheelchairs will help future potential owners/buyers make educated decisions when it comes to purchasing. Shopping online via the internet where you can access different sites and compare prices easily without wasting time can be very helpful. Just make sure that you wind up with the wheelchair that best suits your needs and that you are comfortable using it. You want to also make sure that it fits your budget too. And make sure that you do so in accordance with your health professional/physician. Go online to Electric Wheelchair and find the chair that best suits you right now.

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