Blogger Uses Wheelchair To Call For Inclusion In Fashion Industry

The best motorized wheelchair can serve as self-expression for its user; for example, the Intellichair motorized wheelchair comes in many fashionable colors, including yellow, red, blue and pink.

Fashion blogger Elsie Tellier, a Harvard student who uses her motorized wheelchair because of a chronic condition, is using her platform to call for more inclusivity in the fashion industry, Bustle reported.

Tellier, who says she used to feel ugly when she used her chair, now prefers to be photographed with it and uses her wheelchair as a fashion accessory. The pink wheelchair has custom-painted both wheels. One side features roses and ribbon and the other side is painted to depict a blue and purple galaxy.

“Disabled people are the world’s largest minority but have the least representation,” Tellier said in a recent interview with Teen Vogue.

Tellier’s YouTube channel features tips on how to adapt clothing so that it is better suited to people with disabilities or with chronic illnesses. She details things like how to make the backpacks many people use to carry supplies on their wheelchairs fashionable.

“We should be seen as beautiful without our illness or disability serving as a caveat to our beauty, and I try to use fashion as a way to break down the barrier that illness and disability creates,” she said.

Tellier is using style as a tool for activism. She’s starting conversations, speaking out for more inclusive, adaptable fashions, and sparking conversation about visibility for disabled bodies. Tellier is a fashion blogger, but she’s also an activist.

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