The best motorized wheelchair can take you places

Sometimes people who have always used a manual wheelchair find the need to transition to an electric model, and are looking for the best motorized wheelchair for their situation.

There are many advantages to using a motorized wheelchair, and Intellichair provides many great options.

A manual wheelchair moves solely under the power of a user moving its wheels. An electric wheelchair is propelled by an electric motor, but is still controlled by the person in the chair via hand or other types of controls.

A power wheelchair allows a user who lacks the upper body strength or muscle control to propel himself the ability to get around without relying on someone else to push. Thus it’s a good option for someone who wants freedom from reliance on others for transportation help.

A changing living situation also can make it necessary for a wheelchair user to seek out the best-motorized wheelchair. It may be easier to use a power wheelchair when a new work or school situation requires traveling further distances during a typical day, for example, or when people who were able to assist with transportation needs before are no longer routinely available.

The move from a manual to a motorized wheelchair may be spurred by deteriorating physical abilities. Maybe you’ve been using a cane or walker, but are becoming less stable. You may worry that you will fall and injure yourself, but also lack the stamina to propel a manual wheelchair.

Transitioning to a power wheelchair also may be necessary when age causes users to fatigue sooner or as a degenerative disease progresses.  It also may be called for if long-term use of a manual wheelchair leads to repetitive stress injuries in the shoulders, elbows, and wrists.

Motorized wheelchairs have other advantages, as well. Users are able to control the speed at which they travel. And because they tend to be sturdier, they also are generally safer than manual wheelchairs

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