Disabled Rock Climber Conquers Mountain With Wheelchair

The best motorized wheelchair can help a person with limited mobility achieve things they may have thought were impossible. And a four-time champion of the Asian Rock Climbing Championships recently achieved a remarkable feat despite the fact that after suffering severe injuries in a car accident seven years ago, he now must use a wheelchair.

Professional rock climber Lai Chi-wai of Hong Kong is paralyzed from the hip down and lost his ability to walk after the accident, but this did not stop him from recently climbing Lion Rock, a 1,624-foot mountain that symbolizes persistence and resilience, Reuters reported.

Lai was nominated for the Laureus World’s Best Sporting Moment, which honors the best sportsmen and sportswomen of the year, an award which went to a viral video of 70,000 people in an Iowa sports stadium waving at children in a hospital.

“To me, climbing to the top was accomplishing a dream of mine,” Lai said.

He said climbing the mountain meant, “I could show to my friends and supporters that I have overcome one of the lowest points in life: even though I’m in a wheelchair I can challenge other sports and still be able to do what I love most.”

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