Student in Wheelchair Jumps Rope Thanks to Teacher’s Ingenuity

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Using a little bit of ingenuity and lots of energy, a South Carolina physical education teacher found a way to include one of her students who is confined to a wheelchair in an activity that neither one knew he could do — when the class was doing a jumprope activity.

Physical education teacher Lauren Watts of Harrisburg Elementary School was passing a ball with 8-year-old Jorgy Emerson so he had an activity to do while the other 55 students in her class jumped rope, the Fort Mill Times reported.

But when Jorgy said he would rather jump rope like everyone else, his teacher found a way to make it happen.

She figured out a way to turn a long rope while simultaneously pushing Jorgy’s wheelchair forward over the rope when it swung in front of him. After they got the hang of it, Jorgy wanted to go faster, so they worked their way quickly up and down the school hallway.

Jorgy has spastic cerebral palsy that requires him to use a wheelchair.  His mother, Heather Penn, praised his teacher for her efforts, saying it takes somebody special to figure out a way to include him like that. She saw a video of Jorgy “jumping” rope on Facebook.

Watts is a former soccer for Winthrop University who majored in early childhood education, but she switched to physical education so she could impact more kids.

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