Barber Cuts Man’s Hair On The Sidewalk When Barbershop Is Not Accessible

Having the best motorized wheelchair allows you to go places you need to go to each day to take care of errands and the little things in life. But if a business is not handicapped accessible, even the best wheelchair can’t help you get things done.

A New York man ran into a problem when he tried to get a haircut at a barbershop. But a quick thinking staff member figured out a way to solve the problem.

When the many got to Joe’s Upscale Barber Shop in Webster, near Rochester, he found that unfortunately, because the business was in an older building, it was not accessible. He had come to the barbershop because of a recommendation, because he had heard good things about the shop and its staff.

This is what the manager of the shop posted on Facebook, per Fox News:

“A few days ago at the shop, we had a man in a wheelchair come to the shop on a recommendation. Unfortunately, we are not handicapped accessible. Then our phone rang. It’s was the man outside looking for a way to come in,” the shop manager wrote on Facebook. “Instead of telling him we couldn’t do it because we are not handicapped accessible, Victor Burgos went outside with his tools and cut his hair on the sidewalk.”

“I couldn’t be happier to work and know a person of such kind nature as Victor. I’m proud to know that even when I’m not around, our staff will go out of their way. Just to make someone happy!! He did not have to do this,” the manager continued. “Vic is one of our busiest barbers and is always busy. So Vic, thank you for being that [guy] and not only always proving what type of person you are but also being a CLASS ACT.”

The author added that “Vic had no idea these pics were even [taken].”

Burgos told Global News It looked like the man hadn’t had a haircut in about a month.

“It was pretty shaggy [and] I know how good it feels to get that weight off of you. I could tell that he’s never had a good experience. I could tell without even asking him, and I just wanted to change it for him,” he said.

“I’ve done some pretty weird haircuts,” Burgos said. “In hospitals and different wedding situations…. [but I’ve] never done anybody outside on the sidewalk.”