The best electric wheelchairs were designed to help people who are not accustomed to using a manual wheelchair. Using manual wheelchairs can make it much more difficult to get around.

Unfortunately, wheelchair users in Atlanta have found it difficult to get around lately because of the sad state of Atlanta’s sidewalks, Curbed Atlanta reported.

Three wheelchair users have filed a class-action lawsuit against the city of Atlanta, claiming its crumbling sidewalks violate the Americans with Disabilities Act by not enabling them to get around easily with their wheelchairs.

The lawsuit says that beat-up concrete, broken stone walkways, and hazardous overgrowth of trees or bushes blocks pedestrian areas and make it difficult for people who are using wheelchairs to get around.

”Navigating sidewalks and intersections in this condition is a dangerous enterprise,” the lawsuit says, per Curbed. “Disabled people often find themselves having to go into the street and move alongside vehicle traffic at risk to life and limb.”

Advocacy group Pedestrians Educating Drivers on Safety (PEDS), is supporting the lawsuit, which is being handled by the Decatur, Georgia law firm Radford and Keebaugh.

PEDS said the Atlanta public works department’s transportation committee put the cost of repairing Atlanta’s sidewalks at more than $1 billion.

One benefit of using electric wheelchairs over a manual wheelchairs is that they are easier to maneuver, especially if you run into rough terrain that can happen when sidewalks are in a state of disrepair. Turning the wheels on a manual wheelchair can be difficult, especially for female and elderly users. The strength and dexterity needed to use a manual wheelchair are far greater than you need to use an electric wheelchair.

Electric wheelchairs aredesigned for convenience, easy maneuverability and smooth controlling. Electric-powered wheelchairs are streamlined and compact making them easier to maneuver as well as easier to store when not in use.