Welcome to The Best Wheelchair

IntelliChair is a Florida  modern mobility electric motorized wheelchair company with one goal and one goal only: To provide you the absolute best quality smart wheelchair at the lowest possible price. From inception our IntelliChair smart electric wheelchair was designed with you in mind. The ModoChair is lightweight, portable, fold-able, and fast. It runs on simple electric power and can easily traverse most terrain. With ModoChair your days of physically battling with your old cumbersome wheelchair are over. Just simply plug the IntelliChair smart electric motorized wheelchair in every night when you go to bed, and when you wake in the morning you will have a full days worth of IntelliChair electric motorized powered travel at your disposal. ModoChair makes medically challenged mobility fun and simple, not only for the rider, but also for their family or travel companions. With IntelliChair transportation never got easier, simply fold it up when your done and easily drive it to your next destination, since IntelliChair easily fits in most car’s trunks and or backseat.

When we first custom designed the IntelliChair we searched far and wide for the best possible wheelchair components and manufacturers. After researching each piece of our electric wheelchair, and touring factories literally all over the world.

We decided that opening our own factory in China would be the best way to ensure our product was made to the highest possible quality. While also meeting our extremely low retail price goals. Our goal was to create a completely modern, lightweight, fold-able, electric powered motorized wheelchair that was under $2000. Not an easy task to be sure. But, with a little bit of elbow grease to make a great design, combined with a lot of travel sourcing parts. We were able to finally accomplish our goal and provide the public with the world’s smartest wheelchair IntelliChair!

The IntelliChair electric motorized wheelchair comes in two exciting and powerful models: The Intelli Chair is our base model. The IntelliChair wheelchair features electric motorized power, a portable and fold-able frame, and an eight hour battery life. However the wheels on the IntelliChair are a little less heavy duty. The IntelliChair also has a 150kg maximum weight capacity. Our Flagship model wheelchair is the IntelliChair XL. The IntelliChair XL features electric motorized power, a portable and fold-able frame, and an eight hour battery life just like the IntelliChair. However the IntelliChair XL also features heavy duty large wheels to cover more challenging terrain. The IntelliChair XL also has a sturdier frame, which raises its maximum weight capacity all the way up to 180kg.

No matter which IntelliChair you choose, it is guaranteed to change your life for the better. Not only will you have a full days worth of electric power at your finger tips every day. You will also have a comfortable, sturdy, and powerful wheelchair that can tackle just about any terrain you can find. With IntelliChair, you and your traveling companions will enjoy a new found ease of travel due to its lightweight and fold-able smart design. The IntelliChair puts the power of a traditional motorized wheelchair into a modern, portable, smart chair. Making it one of the most sought after wheelchairs on the market today. Don’t wait to change your life, join the IntelliChair smart wheelchair family today!