Intellichair Makes Travel A Possibility For People Who Use Wheelchairs

Travel is one of the most satisfying activities in life because it helps you experience new cultures and meet new people while building memories. Using a motorized wheelchair makes travel a possibility for many people with disabilities, but you need a wheelchair like an IntelliChair that’s portable and easy to use while traveling.

The best motorized wheelchair for travel is one that can collapse for storage in a car trunk, back seat or airplane storage closet, such as the IntelliChair, a foldable wheelchair with a powerful electric motor.  It is lightweight, portable and easy to carry, and available in both a base model and a larger version.

The wheelchair is equipped with top-quality rubber wheels that can’t go flat. Its nimble steering mechanism makes it easy to control, and its sturdy, stainless steel frame can stand up to the rigors of daily use. Overnight charging means the wheelchair is ready to go for the entire day.

The IntelliChair is available in several colors, and available Accessories include a travel bag and attachable cup holder.

Having a disability that requires you to use a portable electric wheelchair does not mean that you need to stop traveling. As a matter of fact, is a website and blog dedicated to showing people with disabilities how they can travel the world.

The website reviews hotels, rating the facilities for amenities like roll-in showers and stay-open doors, and, for accommodations in the United States, how closely they comply with regulations set forth by the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA).

Ease of transportation is an important part of inclusion, enabling a person who must use a wheelchair the ability to go about his or her daily life independently. The use of the best motorized wheelchair can help make everyday living easier for a person with limited mobility caused by disease or disability.

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